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Long-Range Weather Forecast

The DRYDAY® Planning Forecast is designed to help you plan your activities. Each bar represents the risk of rain by percentage for the specified date.

Expect most of the rain to fall on RISKY days (black bars), but don't expect rain on all RISKY days.

The TRANSITION days (gray bars) remind the user to try to avoid RISKY days by 24 hours whenever possible.

The remainder of the days (yellow bars) are "DRYDAY"® days with no measurable (0.01" - less than one-hundredth of an inch) rainfall expected.

The forecasts won't be perfect, but you will enjoy very favorable odds, over the long term. As you continue to use it, your confidence in the forecasts will increase.

Frequently Asked Questions
The most commonly asked questions about our long-range weather forecast system and how to use our daily long-range weather forecasts.

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